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TYR – Vol. 3

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Myth – Culture – Tradition

TYR is named for the germanic sky god, the gardian of transcendent and eternal order.
Published annually, TYR celebrates the traditional myths, culture, and social institutions of pre-Christian, pre-modern Europe. It includes in-depth, original articles, interviews, translations of essential works by radical traditionalist and anti-modern thinkers, as well as extensive reviews of books, films, music, and the arts.

What does it mean to be a radical traditionalist?
It means to reject the modern, materialist reign of ”quantity over quality,” the absence of any meaningful spiritual values, environmental devastation, the mechanization and over-specialization of urban life, and the imperialism of corporate mono-culture, with its vulgar ”values” of progress and efficiency. It means to yearn for the small, homogeneous tribal societies that flourished before Christianity — societies in which every aspect of life was integrated into a holistic system.

What we represent:
Resacralization of the world versus materialism; folk/traditional culture versus mass culture; natural social order versus an artificial hierarchy based on wealth; the tribal community versus the nation-state; stewardship of the earth versus the ”maximization of resources”; a harmonious relationship between men and women versus the ”war between the sexes”; handicrafts and artisanship versus Industrial mass-production.


– Thomas Naylor on Cipherspace
– Annie Le Brun on Catastrophe Pending
– Pentti Linkola on Survival Theory
– Michael O´Meara on The Primordial and the Perennial
– Alain de Benoist on Spiritual Authority and Temporal Power
– Nigel Pennick on The Web of Wyrd
– Thierry Jolif on The Abode of the Gods and the Great Beyond
– Stephen Flowers on The Spear of Destiny
– Joscelyn Godwin on Philip Pullman´s Dark Materials trilogy
– Ian Read on Humour in the Icelandic Sagas
– Geza von Neményi on the Hávamál
– Gordon Kennedy on the Children of the Sonne
– Michael Moynihan on Carl Larsson´s Greatest Sacrifice
– Christopher McIntosh on Iceland´s Pagan Renaissance
– Jónína Berg on Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson
– Selected Poems by Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson
– Vilius Rudra Dundzila on Baltic Lithuanian Religion
– James Reagan on The End Times
– interviews with the stalwart folk singer Andrew King and the modern minnesinger Roland Kroell,
– Collin Cleary on Paganism Without Gods
– Róbert Hórvath on Mark Sedgwick´s Against the Modern World
and extensive book and music review sections.

Authors: Joshua Buckley  (Author, Editor), Michael Moynihan  (Editor)
Pages: 530
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2006
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0972029214
ISBN-13: 978-0-9720292-3-0

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